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Hunter Education Instructor's Training Hunt in Los Angeles Co. In Cooperation with DFG Game Bird Heritage Program

      In cooperation with Dept. of Fish & Game's Game Bird Heritage Program, Hunter Education Instructors are given the chance to "practice what they teach". HEI's are given the opportunity role play with other instructors, acting as apprentice hunters or mentor field guides. Instructors apply all aspects of Hunter Education, such as Firearms Safety, Fields of Fire, Hunter Ethics, Game Identification, Game Cleaning and Sportsmanship. This opportunity gives Instructors a real feel of what the Game Bird Heritage Program is all about.

    Karen Fothergill, Kim McKee and Nick Bechtel from GBH, explains how Hunter Ed Instructors are a key element in making the program successful. Southern California Hunter Ed Instructor Coordinator, Lt. Dan Moraga explains how the “Priority Stamp” works for the newly graduated Hunter Ed student. This program is currently offered in Region 5 of Southern California and future plans to expand to Region 6.




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