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        Our Mission Statement

Hunter Education Instructor Association of Southern California, Inc. is a non profit corporation, operated for charitable and educational purposes, which operates under the guidelines of the California Department of Fish & Wildlife to provide and improve upon the state mandated certificate training program for safe, responsible and knowledgeable hunters. Secondly, to recruit quality hunter education instructors; provide initial, ongoing and advanced training programs for the hunter education instructors, provide training aids and resources, encourage safe and responsible archery and all shooting sports. Finally, to promote hunting opportunities and encourage hunter retention; act as liaisons with biologists and wildlife management programs; and solicit contributions in support of the Hunter Education Instructor Association of Southern California objectives.

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             President: Derek Fong       

               Vice President: Gregg Bouslog          

      Treasurer: Luann Peterson        Secretary: Nick Bechtel

                                Advanced Training Coordinator: Bob Fusco       Bow Hunting Coordinator: Jim Overman

                                  Boy Scout Coordinator: Gregg Bouslog         Grants Committee Coordinator: Tom Watt

                                  NRA Relations Coordinator: Kurt Wampole       Event Coordinator: Jeff Bennett

                                Membership: Derek Fong        Past Chairman: Vacant 

                             Managing Editor (Newsletter): Derek Fong        Website Administrator: Derek Fong

                           Regional Hunter Education Coordinator: Lt. Mike Norris

                            Telephone (661) 297-0876 Ext#2     Fax (661) 297-0876

                            Postal address: HEIA-SC - P.O. Box 802738 - Santa Clarita, California 91380-2738

                                        General Information: socalheia@socalheia.com
                                      Webmaster: webmaster@socalheia.com

                                        Hunter Education Instructor Association of Southern California, Inc  2014

                                              Photographs, Video and Audio Disclaimer:

                                           All photographs published with written permission of subjects and/or their pets

                                                All photos used are property of the Hunter Education Instructor Association of Southern California, Inc (HEIA-SC)

                                                Any reproductions, publication, transmission, copying or any un-authorized use of this copyrighted material is prohibited by law

                                            All photographs are encoded with traceable water.